Yohan Nieto (1994, he/him)

Freelance photographer and filmmaker
based in Vevey, Switzerland


Phone: +41 79 665 44 98


Yohan Nieto (1994) is currently studying Visual Communication with specialization in Photography at the Centre d’Enseignement Professionnel de Vevey (CEPV), after having graduated from Interactive Media Designer at the École Romande d’Arts et Communication (ERACOM) and worked for six years as a freelance filmmaker. 
He is now focusing on documentary and quasi-documentary photography, with a specific interest in the use of fiction in his work. Following his first personal project, Adios Sahara, which focused on Morocco, he is now turning his attention to his homeland, Galicia. With Fortress of Lies, he seeks to explore the Francoist memory that persists in democratic Spain through the political, judicial, and military spheres, and that manifests today in Spanish society.


- Visual Communication with specialization in Photography, CEPV, Vevey, 2023-2025
- Post-CFC Professional Maturity - Visual Arts and Applied Arts, CEPV, Vevey, 2017
- CFC of Interactive Media Designer, ERACOM, Lausanne, 2016


- Soupçonne-moi du meilleur, collective exhibition, Marseille/CEPV, march 2024
- Colors, collective exhibition, CEPV, december 2023
- Facing Reality,  collective exhibition, CEPV, september 2023
- Adios Sahara, solo exhibition, Espace Entre Deux-Gares in Vevey,
  with the support of l’Office de la Culture de Vevey and Migros, july 2023
- Festival Cinéma Jeune Public, l’Abime Film Screening, 2019
- Schweizer Jugendfilmtage, l’Abime Film Screening, march 2017
- Academy Shorts Fribourg l’Abime Film Screening, march 2017


- Soupçonne-moi du meilleur, collective publication (booklet, definitive publication to arrive), march 2024
- Let the wind take care of everything, collective publication, february 2024
- Adios Sahara, self-publication, October 2023, limited to 100 copies, ISBN 978-2-8399-4001-6


UBS, SKY Switzerland, RADO, AISA, SEED Bioscences, St. George’s International School, Hôpital Riviera-Chablais,
État de Vaud, Ville de Gland, Car Postal (with Pixhit), Les Bains de Lavey (with Pixhit / Nils Martenet), SEG (with Pixhit)


Reiner Riedler (AT), Emin Özmen (TR), Roberto Greco (FR), Laura Henno (FR), Yann Gross (CH), Regine Petersen (DE), Lewis Chaplin (GB), Mathilda Olmi (CH), Andre Cepeda (PT), Flurina Rothenberger (CH), Elina Brotherus (FI)