Weekly Films

In early 2020, WHO officially declared Covid-19 a global pandemic, and it was soon to paralyze entire countries and bring aviation to the ground, indefinitely.

Just back from my 6 month trip, burning with the desire to make 2020 another year of travel and discovery, I found myself stranded at home with no hope of making this wish come true. In frustration and long weeks of confinement, I bought a Fujifilm x100, one of the most compact digital cameras on the market, with the aim of photographing every moment of my daily life.

The project Weekly Films takes shape. Closely linked to the Instagram social network, the idea is to share a selection of images from this photographic process every week. The goal of the project is then to push me to practice photography on a daily basis and to stimulate my creativity in these gloomy and distressing times.

The project last a total of 12 weeks, until June 2020 when, following the return to normalcy of work and my discovery of film photography which then received my full attention, I decided to end it.

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