At the end of August 2021, I set off on a backpacking trip in southern Morocco, crossing the country from the Atlantic Ocean to the dunes of the Sahara. As an isolated traveler in a country heavily avoided by Western tourists due to the global health crisis, I discovered among Moroccans a rich culture, a broad, frank smile, a keen art of speaking and a prodigious joie de vivre despite pervasive general poverty.

From Essaouira to Merzouga, via Marrakech, Skoura, Tinghir… Over more than 1500 kilometers, I photographed this thousand-year-old kingdom, inspired by its desert nature and its dried up people, struggling in so much heat. During the trip, I kept in mind the legendary photos of Bruno Barbey, and remembered this quote that I wrote down in a corner of my travel notebook: « 
I explore, I gather, I engrave, I would like to identify the substance, the incredible refinement of this civilization.
 » (Bruno Barbey)

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