Coruñeses (work in progress)

A Coruña is one of the largest towns in Galicia, northwest of Spain. Since my childhood, I have watched this city and its inhabitants grow, evolve, change at the rate of my vacations. I grow up with it year after year. With each goodbye, I knew that between 6 months and a year would pass before I had the chance to go back. In early 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic spread across the world, separating bodies and distancing continents, countries and even regions. After almost 15 months and 3 failed attempts, I finaly was able to travel to my homeland again.

In April 2021, back in A Coruña, I decided to spend hours traveling the city and photographing the lives of its inhabitants, despite the strict obligation to wear the mask, hiding faces and therefore identity. Spanish among the Swiss, Swiss among the Spanish, I took advantage of my foreign identity to photograph the cultural gap between these two countries yet geographically so close.

A long-term project, Coruñeses is a photographic work halfway in between documentary and street photography. Still in progress, it will result in a book mid 2022.

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